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Staining (as opposed to soiling) does not come out in the general carpet cleaning process and requires specialist treatment.


Successful stain removal is dependent on the type and age of the stain, the type and colour of the carpet, and what has already been done to try and remove it prior to calling us.  In the majority of cases, if total removal is not possible, significant reduction is achieved.  In some cases, the foreign dye needs to be stripped and the carpet re-coloured.  In severe cases, patches or replacement is the only viable solution.







Odour removal is dependent on finding and eradicating the source.  Deodorising (which is included in the general carpet cleaning process) does not eliminate specific odours such as pet urine and mould.  Specialist treatment is required.  A.G.I. uses the latest technology to locate and eradicate malodours in your carpet.  In severe cases, removal and replacement of the contaminated area is the only viable solution.



TIP:   Treating Carpet Stains

Accidents happen, and usually at the most inconvenient times.  But don't panic! Very often the most time consuming part of our job is attempting to remove the stubborn residue that inevitably remains after clients attempt their own stain removal.  Before you do the expert.


In the interim scrape up any solid matter and then please just use water and a clean cloth.  A.G.I. will do the rest.






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