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1.    Pre Inspection

A thorough inspection is undertaken at the time of the job in order to determine level of clean required, limitations of the job, expected outcome and price. 


2.   Furniture Moving

All readily moveable furniture is moved aside in order to gain access to the maximum available area to clean.  Where required, plastic cards are placed under furniture legs to prevent staining.  You will need to move all  your personal and breakable items away from the areas to be cleaned.


3.  Vacuuming

Carpets are thoroughly vacuumed using a powerful commercial vacuum cleaner fitted with an agitating beater bar.  Areas under furniture and beds that do not get vacuumed during your regular cleaning regime are covered by this process. Scientific test have proven that up to 80% of dry, particulate soil matter is removed with this process.


4.  Stain and Odour Removal/Reduction


5.  Hot Detergent Pre-Spray

A.G.I. only uses premium quality detergents to ensure maximum soil separation. The detergent is thoroughly applied to the surface of the item to be cleaned, prior to steam cleaning, and includes a natural deodoriser.


6.  Rotary Shampooing

A slow speed scrubbing machine fitted with special pads or brushes is used to gently  massage the fibres in order to obtain maximum separation of bound, oily soils.


7.   Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

The most effective cleaning process as recommended by major carpet and fabric manufacturers.  General spotting of dirty and greasy marks is undertaken in this step.  A conditioning agent is applied during this process, which neutralises any detergent residues, leaving your carpet or fabric both cleaner and softer.


8.  Post Buffing

After steam cleaning, post buffing will help remove any soil and detergent residues and to reduce drying times.  Very effective in heavy traffic areas.


9.  Encapsulation (very low moisture cleaning)

This system works where polymers in the applied detergent trap and surround dirt particles and detergent residue, which crystalise as they dry.  They are then simply vacuumed out.  As no sticky detergent residue is left to attract dirt, your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer.


10. Protection




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