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A.G.I. has been expertly cleaning and detailing area rugs for many years. We have custom built our "Rug Revival Centre" in order to clean and detail your valuable rugs to the highest possible standard.


Today there is a huge variety of types and styles of rugs - using a variety of fibres. Every rug passing through our Centre is assessed and individually cleaned according to its type and construction.  We combine traditional methods with modern technology and equipment to produce outstanding results.


Problems with Rugs staying in place ?  Ask us about our 'Rug Hold' anti-slip spray and underlays. 


           We use up to 14 steps to clean and detail your Rug.


                              1.    We pick up or you drop off

                          2.    Inspection

                          3.    Beating (dusting) and vacuuming

                          4.    Stain and odour removal/reduction

                          5.    Rotary shampooing

                          6.    Fringe cleaning and detailing

                          7.    Cleaning by either

                                - Tank Wash (immersion)

                                -  Hotwater Extraction (steam clean)

                                -  Encapsulation (very low moisture cleaning)

                          8.    Drying

                          9.    Post detailing and buffing

                          10.  Pile lifting vacuuming and grooming

                          11.   Protection

                          12.  Rug hold application

                          13.  Rolling, tying, bagging and storage

                          14.  We deliver or you pick up



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